And we're off!

Things organized neatly, Evelyn4101

image by evelyn4101 via Things Organized Neatly

Boy do I wish my packing process was as organized as this picture. . .

On a side note, I did try to do one of my own "things organized neatly" photos, but that seems to work better when you're not actually actively trying to pack. Or maybe that's just me. . . :)

Anyway, we're off on our adventure! We'll be gone for two weeks, splitting the time between Paris and visiting S's family in India for Diwali. I'll be taking this time off from the blog, but you can follow along on over at my Instagram account where I'll be documenting the scenery and likely every pastry I encounter.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

xo Diana

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Headed to Paris! (And would love some suggestions!)

Paris by Clary Pfeiffer

image by clary pfeiffer

On Saturday we'll be headed over the Atlantic for our extended layover in Paris. It's my first time visiting there (actually it's my first time visiting continental Europe), although S has been there before.

Obviously, I've been listening to the Amelie soundtrack and buying striped t-shirts in preparation, but I'd love any tips you might have for things to do, see, and (mostly) eat!

So far I have outlined a pretty solid list of art museums and bakeries to visit, but pretty much everything else is up in the air.

Have any of you been to Paris? What was your favorite thing to do while there?

xo Diana

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WEEKLY WISHES 04 // the week before vacation

water jug, Diana Willard

This is it! My last week before our two week vacation, and one of my last two weeks to prepare for my Open Studios. Is it just me, or does the week before a vacation always become completely insane?

On to the weekly wishes! (Kindly organized by Melyssa from the Nectar Collective and increasingly crucial for me to get anything done. . .)


1. Get myself in shape for upcoming art shows.

More or less. I painted a ton (finally breaking 20 hours this week!), dropped off art at four of seven the venues, and worked hard on organizing our local artists group. But. . . I'm still feeling a bit panicky about the remaining three shows and actually having art for my open studios.

2. Send out my first email newsletter.

Nope. But I did a little art project for this, so maybe this week?

3. Exercise for 30 minutes a day.

How about three days this week? This was my biggest regret of the week, since I know exercise helps me manage stress.

4. Practice Hindi daily and get through five new levels on Memrise.

Ish. I did the five levels, but not the daily practice. Overall, I feel pretty good about it.


  1. Paint, paint paint! I have a bit more work to do on some pieces for art shows, but mostly I need to stock back up on painting for my open studios.

  2. Begin promoting the open studios event. I need to make and hang flyers and start posting about it on Facebook and Instagram.

  3. Exercise for 30 minutes each day. This must happen!

  4. Practice Hindi daily and get through at least 5 new levels on Memrise. It's crunch time! Plus, it'd be great if I did a little French practice, but let's be real, that's not very likely to happen. . .

  5. Prepare for our upcoming travels. We'll be spending a week in Paris, which should be a little cold and drizzly, and a week in India, which should be nice and warm. So I'm planning on bringing all my clothes. Shouldn't be a problem, right? :)

What are your big goals for the week? And does anyone have any tips on creating and sticking to an exercise plan??

xo Diana

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Online Resources for Artists

Paint palette, Diana Willard

As I'm going through this whole becoming-an-artist thing, I am constantly getting bogged down by not knowing how to do things.

If you will allow me, a brief list:

  • How to hang paintings
  • How to create an inventory
  • How to use a digital camera to photograph art so it doesn't look entirely gray
  • How to market my art
  • How to set up a commission
  • How to not spend an entire day on Pinterest "researching"

You get the idea. So I decided to start keeping a running list of good resources I've found -- mostly for my reference, but hopefully some will be helpful for other people!

I'll be updating this as I go along -- if you have an great resources, I'd love to see them and add them to the list!


  • How to prep a canvas >>

  • How to set out an acrylic palette >>

  • How to use acrylic gels and mediums >>

  • Golden Acrylic's color mixer tool >>

  • How to deal with green (actually one of my larger problems) >>

  • 7 steps to creating a huge landscape painting >>

  • How to use watercolors - via Yao Cheng >>

  • What supplies to get for oil painting - via Emily Jeffords >>

  • How (and why) to apply an isolation coat to acrylic paintings >>

  • How (and why) to varnish an acrylic painting >>

  • How to clean an acrylic paintbrush >>


  • Basics of print-on-demand companies + a list >>


  • Craftsy's guide to drawing the human face >>


  • Photography 101, blog series by Latrina from Of Trees + Hues >>

  • How to photograph art (video) >>


  • How to write an artists' statement >>


  • How to wire a canvas >>

  • How to sign your art >>

  • How to prep for a studio visit >>

  • How to hang a gallery show >>

  • How to package a painting for shipping >>


  • How to price your art >>

  • How to set up commissions for success >>

  • How to get your first gallery show (still working on this one!) >>

  • How to find the right gallery for your art >>


  • "The Art of Chasing a Dream," from Alisa Burke >>

  • "How to Dramatically Improve Your Art," from Doug Hoppes >>

xo Diana

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Medical Art School

medical art school 01

I ran across these images from the LIFE Archives via Miss Moss's (another Diana!) lovely blog. People often suggest that I become either a medical illustrator or an art therapist as a way of resolving my career crisis, er, conflict, but those specific careers aren't particularly interesting to me.

However, I am always looking for ways to combine my artistic and scientific interests, and the idea of a medical school for artists made me smile. Plus, that giant magnifying glass

medical art school 02

medical art school 03

These are just a couple of my favorites, but you can see some more of them at Miss Moss's post.

Have a lovely day,

xo Diana

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