Our apartment is kind of unbelievably small -- really -- and, while sometimes frustrating, it motivates us to be really creative about how we use space. One of my first projects was finding a way to organize my jewelry and it turned out much easier than than I expected. I'm not sure you can really call this a DIY -- it's really more of a hey, try this. --> Read more.

- Unpainted wooden picture frame with backing
- White acrylic paint
- Mod podge
- Rectangle of burlap just bigger than the glass from the frame (mine happened to be blue)

STEPS: Remove the glass from the frame and give it two coats of white paint and one coat of Mod Podge for a glossy finish.

Once the frame is dry, place the burlap in the empty frame. Center it and press the backing into the frame -- it should fit snugly, holding the burlap in place.

Trim the excess away from the backing, add some earrings, and enjoy!

xo Diana

Topics: projects + diy
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