I've been on the lookout for fun pendants and was inspired by these earrings and bracelet from Henry Happened. I made a pendant version and added a simple black cord for a more rugged look.

  • 4 small hex nuts (I got mine from Home Depot, which had them in a brass color)
  • Strong craft glue, such as Gorilla glue
  • Sheet of wax paper
  • 2 feet of black cord


1. Glue the four hex nuts into a honeycomb shape, pressing them together and letting them dry fully on a sheet of wax paper. When dry, peel them carefully off the paper.

2. Fold the black cord in half and put the folded loop through one of the hex nut holes. Thread the free ends of the cord through the loop and pull tight to secure the hex nuts to the cord. Tie the other end and enjoy!

xo Diana

Topics: projects + diy
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