A couple weeks ago, S and I celebrated Diwali, one of the biggest Hindu holidays of the year. Although S grew up celebrating it, somehow we've never gotten around to actually celebrating it together.

Because our backgrounds -- religious and otherwise -- are so different, this wasn't exactly a traditional celebration. But we did make time for some sparklers and a (very) simple rangoli, and I couldn't resist decorating our apartment with a colorful banner.
The banner was super easy to make, but I liked it so much that it's still hanging in our apartment. :)

10+ paint chip strips from a hardware store
Embroidery needle
Colorful washi tape (optional)

I first cut the paint chips into 1.5 inch squares, which worked well for the size of paper I'd gotten. Then I cut a five foot piece of string and threaded the embroidery needle.

To string the paper on the string, I started by piercing one corner of the paper from the front-to-back with the needle, pulling the thread across the back of the paper, and sending the needle back through the paper from back-to-front.
I then slid the paper down the string and continued adding more pieces in a random order. Once the banner was as long as I wanted, I cut the ends of the string so the paper was centered, and hung it up.

It turned out to be a really easy way to add a pop of color to our apartment!

xo Diana
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