THE BEST OF BOLLYWOOD // music mix 04

I hope everyone had a good weekend! Things are a little crazy around here, since S and I leave for India in a week -- we'll be there for two weeks visiting family and friends.

This week I want to share some of my favorite Indian things this week -- beginning with a fun Bollywood soundtrack! In India, the most popular music tends to come directly from Bollywood movies, so it is definitely worth watching some of the music videos as well.

Listen to the entire music mix on 8tracks or read through to check out the music videos!

01. OOH LA LA // the dirty picture
A fun dance song with a pretty risque video for Bollywood (check out the dancing), but the movie is significant because it's considered the first Bollywood blockbuster to be carried by a lead actress!

02. CHAMMAK CHALLO // ra-one
I haven't seen this movie (and the video's a bit weird -- what's up with all the white backup dancers?), but the important thing to focus on is that Akon sings the song.

03. BEEDI // omkara
A beedi is a hand-rolled cigarette and the song is basically an epic dance party, but the movie deals with much bigger themes -- it's based on Othello.

04. BEDARI RAJA // delhi belly
I kind of need to fan-girl here a bit, because the after on the left is loosely related to my husband's family (!). Check out the video.

05. HAR SAANS MEIN // mujhse fraaandship karoge
A love song (with a cutesy music video) that actually has roots in the qawwali tradition of Sufi devotional songs. See one of the best known qawwali singers, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, here.

06. RANG DE BASANTI // rang de basanti
The movie deals with heavy political themes (it centers around a group of youths who fight against government corruption), but its songs are very joyous -- this is fun bhangra-style dance song.

07. SAY NA SAY NA // bluffmaster
Proof of my lowering Savil's Bollywood standards -- this is a silly love song from a masala movie, and I completely love it.

08. BHAAG D.K. BOSE // delhi belly
Apparently if you say the song title fast, you say a rude insult in Hindi that S has declined to translate for me. :) This song is more punk than the others -- check out the actors rocking out.

09. UDD UDD DABAANG // dabangg
Maybe not the highest quality movie, song, or music video, but S and I get such a kick out of it -- we actually featured this song in our wedding ceremony!

10. ROOBAROO // rang de basanti
Another song from Rang de Basanti -- in particular this one always seems very epic and carpe diem.

I hope you enjoy the mix! Tons of thanks to S for (a) introducing me to the music, (b) helping me say something intelligent about it, and (c) basically being awesome!

xo Diana
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