NEW ART! // paintings & prints from january
What a crazy month this has been! I feel like it just flew by!

This month I made it a big priority to try to paint every single day. Well, that seriously did not happen (nor did the daily exercise -- surprise, surprise!), but I am loving the new direction my work is going and really glad I spent so much of the month with paintbrush in hand.

You can check out my original paintings and some prints on my Etsy site, or see how the paintings look on a phone case at Society6

I have to say, my favorite piece is my first attempt at hand-lettering (below), which also happens to be my not-so-secret Valentine gift for S! "Te amo" means "I love you" in Spanish. I may be keeping the original for myself (er, giving it to my lovely husband), but you can snag a print or stationary of the design. :) 
I hope everyone had a good January! Have a great weekend!

xo Diana
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