Hello all! 

I hope your January is off to a good start! I've definitely taken more of a break from the blog than I intended, but I'm really excited about some of the things I've been working on: changing up the blog (if you poke around, you'll notice some things that are seriously still in progress), creating a functional artist portfolio website, and making a ton of new art

All good stuff, but as I mentioned in an Instagram post a couple of weeks ago, when S and I sat down to draft some New Year's resolutions...we were only able to come up with plans for January! Not exactly what we intended, but I'm working at embracing the unknown that comes with a year that is still really up in the air. I have to say, I'm starting to get excited to see what it holds for us.

I'll be back to posting more regularly soon (mostly a back-log of some travel photos, sorry!), but I'm hoping to gradually focus the blog more on my art and art process -- plus continuing to share other projects and fun things I'm up to.

Thanks for sticking around the past few months and I hope everyone has a great new year!

xo Diana
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