STUDIO TOUR 2 // the studio-studio apartment
 Our apartment definitely gives new meaning to the term "studio apartment." Not only is it literally one (it's single room measuring a shocking 10x19 feet...yes, really), but it also is packed with my art supplies, easel, and stockpiled paintings.
It's actually been a very cool experience to learn to streamline and organize our belongings to make the space functional, and even fun. I never thought I would appreciate the benefits of the fridge being so close to the bed, but there it is... :) 
I actually think the hardest part for us was consolidating -- and not increasing! -- our bookshelves. Totally painful.

Another downside of downsizing was having all our belongings in much closer proximity to each other. At which point we realized exactly how much the two of us like colors. Bright colors.
Probably the part of our space I'm most proud of (besides my actual painting set-up), was what we fondly call our "media center." Combine a 10-year-old printer, some shelving abandoned by a neighbor, an oversized computer monitor, and some speakers, and there you go! Best part is, I took this picture from our bed, so you can get a sense of how truly convenient it is.

At this point, we may only be in our current apartment for a couple more months (so obviously, this was the perfect timing for this blog post, ha!), but I'm having trouble picturing what to do with a larger space. :)

Do any of you live/have lived in tiny apartments? Do you have any tips or tricks for making the most of a teeny space? My dream is (if not a bigger place) then something as beautiful as this Brooklyn apartment, and I love reading these survival tips for small spaces.

xo Diana
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