LIEBSTER AWARD // a love letter to the blogging community
Earlier this week, the lovely Emma of Emma-Lou Designs nominated me for a Liebster Award -- basically a virtual high-five in the blogging community given to new bloggers. I was incredibly touched and excited. I've only been blogging for about six months and have been blown away by how supportive the blogging community has been.

Since it's Valentine's Day, I thought I'd use this post as a way of spreading the love for the blogging community (plus answering the questions that go with the Liebster Award, below).

The rules of the Liebster Award are to tag several other bloggers to then answer my questions, but I simply wanted to highlight some of the wonderful people (some new, some not) who've been inspiring me online!

LATRINA from OF TREES & HUES - a lovely blog that features Latrina's beautiful photography and writing -- I adore how she shares her personal life and works so hard to build community.

KELLY from BEHIND THE DESIGN - I love her minimalist approach to design, and can't get enough of her advice to designers!

SOPHIE from SPARK YOURSELF - a wonderful and honest blog to inspire aspiring writers

JAKE & JAMIE from A PAIR OF PEARS - a blog by a husband and wife design team that constantly inspires me with the variety of their projects, plus the wonderful artists that they find and share!

JESSICA from CREATIVE INDEX - another beautifully designed blog. In particular, I just love her calligraphy & hand-lettering work (check out some of her prints here!)

And there are so many more amazing bloggers doing beautiful work out there! I want to start sharing them more often -- the blogging community is just to good to keep to myself. :)

Lots of love to all the bloggers out there! 

xo Diana

p.s. I used images from my Turquoise Water painting as the background to these designs -- you can check out the original here or get prints here!
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