ART PROCESS 03 // sunday brunch
Whew! We are finally in our new apartment, tucked in our newly-reassembled Ikea bed, and completely exhausted. I think I have amnesia of some kind when it comes to moving -- I somehow always forget how ridiculously complicated, time-consuming, and draining it is!

But on the bright side: now onto decorating our new space, exploring our neighborhood, and finally, finally back to painting!

Sometimes it takes me a really long time to create a finished painting (proof: my amazingly circuitous process for Avalanche and Butterfly Wing).

And sometimes it comes together very quickly.

A couple of weeks ago, S and I visited some friends in Davis, California. These friends are far, far better cooks than either of us, so we took advantage of their expertise to have a brunch complete with real from scratch pancakes, homemade jam, and eggs.

It basically blew my mind, and I took a photo to document the momentous occasion.

The photo was kicking around in the back of my mind for a few days, mostly because of the memories of the food, but also because I loved the repetition of differently sized and overlapping circles.

So I sat down and recreated the photo using only basic lines and circles. And then I went to town with the colors.
In the end, I think the finished painting (and the art prints) reminds me less of the photograph, and more of a bouquet of ranunculus, but either way, this painting really flowed for me.

I'd definitely like to try the process of turning a photograph into an abstract painting again -- it was just too fun! What are your favorite sources to get inspired to make art?

xo Diana

P.S. Thank you so much for those of you who purchased art during my spring Etsy sale! You totally made my week! :)
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