ART PROCESS 04 // looking back + older work
madonna, 2010

For me, moving is a time of purging. We toss out worn-out clothes, abandoned books, chipped plates, and the amazing re-generating clutter of everyday life.

It's refreshing to lighten our load, but the process always also highlights the few items that I can never part with.

Anyone who's visited our apartments in maybe the past four years (or seen this blog post from our old space) has seen these two paintings. They are among the first things to find a place in our new homes, always finding some highly-prized wall space.

I just like seeing them.
I'm not sure what it is about them, but at this point they fit together as a pair for me (someone suggested that perhaps they represent myself and my husband for me -- but let's be real: neither of us looks this dramatic).
the cosmonaut, 2010

I painted both of them in a flurry of activity -- finding an image online that I loved, dashing the paint on any way that pleased me, and stopping abruptly, suddenly satisfied with the end result.
I think it's good to look back at older work -- to see the patterns and trends that emerge, and to a sense of an overall direction.

There are definitely things I would do differently if I painted these now, and sometimes I've been tempted to go in with a paint brush once and for all.

But I've never made the plunge, and I think that's because these two paintings were my first baby steps after taking art classes into painting rule-breaking: creating works that are fun to make and please my eye, even if they look unfinished, have weird colors and lumpy textures, and aren't necessarily perfected.

Things are looking a little bare around here as we wait to get the rest of our furniture out of storage, but maybe a pair of paintings and a pair of houseplants is really all I need.

Do you ever take time to look back at your body of work? What have you found in the process?

xo Diana
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