CURATING INSPIRATION // the lean pinterest movement?

I've been seeing a lot of blog posts lately about curating your closet. Probably the best-organized advice column on the topic is Cuyana's Lean Closet Series, but I was also really inspired by Madelynn's and Breanna's posts.

So inspired that I included the idea in my Life, Designed list, and have actually gotten to work on it.

Er...until I got completely sidetracked.

STEP 1: the purge (so far so good)

Between these articles, my natural tendency to get rid of stuff (ask my friends or family: I'm kind of the terrifying opposite of a pack-rat), and our recent move, I was inspired to off-load about half my closet.

THE CHALLENGE: One of the downsides to not growing since sixth grade is that you still fit into everything. EVERYTHING. So long t-shirts from elementary school. (yes, really.)

THE UPSIDE: it turns out the Bay Area has only one season, so I really need one season of clothing. Locals will argue otherwise, but us cold-climate-transplants know the truth.

THE RESULTS: Let's just say I've had to increase the frequency of our laundry schedule.

STEP 2: shopping

But this would cost money!

I decided to ease myself into this phase (i.e., see if it was absolutely necessary), by starting one of those secrete Pinterest boards to collect inspiration for clothing items. I collected about 30 images I liked, and started editing them down to the ten or so I adored.

Who knew purging online could be as fun as in real life? Seriously. I felt cleansed as I deleted the pins -- as though I was literally editing out all the junky, trendy influences and getting to the core of the things I loved. (Read: the junky trendy influence that are just so me.)

STEP 3: the purge continues!

At this point, Cuyana suggests working on styling and organizing your closet, but if you haven't actually gone shopping yet, what are you to do?

Look, some of us love shopping. Some of us love styling. Some of us love...deleting pins from Pinterest? It's possible there's an actual clinical diagnosis for this habit, but I'm going to be forgiving to myself and call it "curating inspiration." Anyone else? Anyone?

After deleting a ton of pins from my boards, I became interested in my reluctance to delete certain pins that had been repinned a lot, even if I no longer loved the image. These were my popular pins! They validated me as a social media something-or-other!

After wrestling with my ego for a bit, I did end up deleting a good chunk of these popular images. (My ego also won a few battles.) The conclusion I came to was that -- like my closet and my living space -- Pinterest is part of my environment. Yes, it's virtual, but I need it to work for me: to give me clarity and inspiration when I need it. And if someone else likes those images as well, all the better!

I'm not really sure where this is headed (besides more compulsive pin-deleting, obviously), but I think streamlining and curating my sources of inspiration has already made me more focused about the look and feel of the work I want to create.

What are your sources of inspiration? How do you avoid getting sucked into trendy inspiration, as opposed to ideas that really fit you? I'd love to hear your thoughts or advice!

Have a great weekend!

xo Diana

P.S. Take a look at the rest of my Pinterest inspiration to get a sense of how many pins I must have started out with! :)
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