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I am so, so new to the whole being-a-small-business-owner thing. My background is medicine and art, so I've spent a lot of the past six months giving myself a kind of business 101 crash course. 

Some things, like learning how to do accounting and taxes and inventory, weren't exactly stimulating but felt doable for me. 

Other things felt just unbelievably foreign and impossible. I'm looking at you, marketing and self-promotion. 

With the goal in mind about being more intentional with my work, I decided to look to some of the people who I think are amazing self-promoters to see what they are doing right. 

A couple common themes I noticed: 

  1. The obvious one: they do outstanding work. Their products or services are flawless and show a lot of a care.
  2. They use social media really skillfully to highlight not just their product, but also their personality and story. I think the key here is that each person finds a style that fits them and their work, so the end result feels natural.
And so, some of the creative self-promoters I admire the most:

Breanna Rose is a graphic designer, and this comes across in every aspect of her online persona: her blog is simple and beautiful, her in-progress work is stunning, and even her Instagram account has a strong visual style. Everything is just so beautifully curated, she really doesn't need to do anything else. But she does -- I love her fantastic advice column for freelancers.

Rachel Castle is an artist and home-goods designer who (for me at least) sells her work brilliantly through her personality, especially as showcased on her Instagram. Not only are her designs bright and witty, but she accompanies them with hilarious stream-of-consciousness descriptions of her life. I literally look out for her posts because I enjoy them so much.

Emily Jeffords is a painter who is fantastic about utilizing her social network -- she often showcases her gorgeous paintings on Instagram, but also hosts giveaways where to enter, followers must share one of her paintings on their social network. Plus, she has some of the most beautiful in-progress painting photos I've ever seen and awesome tips for artists on her blog.

Shenee is a branding expert who sells her work through total and absolute confidence in herself and her abilities -- like, saying straight out that she is the best at what she does. Plus, she's hilarious, and has me convinced that she is without a doubt the best at what she does.

Jessica Hische is a lettering and illustrator who has basically created a name and an entirely new career for herself through some brilliant creative side projects -- most famously Daily Drop Cap. Plus, she's got some awe-inspiring pep talks out there, possibly the coolest wedding website ever, and a Skillshare course I've been dying to take.

I'm obviously hugely inspired by these women and their work, and especially their complete confidence in themselves. So to take their lessons to heart, a brief plug: I'm super excited to be moving to a bigger studio, and celebrating with a short Etsy sale that ends Saturday -- check it out here!

xo Diana
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