MOVING ON UP! // 15% off etsy sale
For the past two weeks, S and I have been braving the total free-for-all that is apartment hunting in San Francisco. After attending fifteen minute (yes, really!) open houses, giving all our financial and personal identification information to complete strangers, and bickering while trying to find street parking all over the city, we've managed to find a new place!

We move into our new apartment in Noe Valley next weekend, and to celebrate, I wanted to host my first Etsy shop sale! It's spring, we're moving to a new apartment with space for a real studio, and I'm feeling pretty excited about this whole adventure!

You can get 15% off all prints and paintings in my Etsy shop by inputing the code MOVINGONUP15. I'll be running this sale until next Saturday, when our actual moving will begin!

I've been sharing the stories behind a couple of my paintings over the past few weeks, but I figured I'd share some of my personal favorites from the past six months of painting below!
Fear of Flight, 9x12 acrylic painting
Avalanche, 18x18 acrylic painting (read about my process of creating this painting here!)
Gold Chevron, 8x10 acrylic painting
Butterfly Wing, 9x12 acrylic painting (read about my circuitous path to creating this painting here!)
Teal Water, 9x12 acrylic painting

Have a great weekend everyone!

xo Diana

P.S. My cover picture for the sale is based off of two paintings in my "Seasons" series -- Spring and Summer. I'm obviously ready for some warmer weather! :)
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