INSPIRATION // real life mood boards
I've suddenly found myself with a good chunk of white wall space in my studio to fill, which is both exciting and overwhelming.

I tossed up a couple of finished and unfinished paintings, realized my aesthetic sense may not extend all the way to planning gallery walls, and decided to go for a more intentionally-chaotic display: an inspiration wall for my art.

I went looking for some examples to model my inspiration wall after, and absolutely fell in love with these massive wall collages. I was especially inspired by Emmadime's real life moodboards and I love the idea of doing more of a multi-media collage.

Some of my favorites:
Emmadime's real life moodboard (source)

Do you like to create physical moodboards, or do you prefer to keep them digital? What are your favorite sources of inspiration?

xo Diana
Topics: inspiration
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