YOGI // music mix 07
Quick, and a little sad, humble brag: I've practiced yoga the last two mornings by myself. For about fifteen minutes apiece. Yeah!

This has been on my list for a while. I've taken yoga classes on and off for the past four years, but somehow the idea that this was something to practice never quite took hold.

After reading Court's lovely sun salutation series it finally clicked: I didn't have to take more yoga classes. I needed to do more yoga. Cue face-palm.

I, of course, immediately had to put together a soundtrack for these early-morning sessions, and some of these songs ended up inspiring my latest series. I'll be sharing more of those later in the week -- but a snippet of one of them is the album cover, above. :)

Listen via 8tracks.

01. TIME TO PRETEND // mgmt
02. DISSOLVE ME // alt-j
03. THE MUMMER'S DANCE // loreena mckennitt
04. ORINOCO FLOW // enya
05. MAPS // yeah yeah yeahs
06. TEARDROP // massive attack
08. ONE HEAVY FEBRUARY // architecture in helsinki

xo Diana
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