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Hello all,

Apologies for the unexpected hiatus! I've really missed writing blog posts here this past week (although it was fantastic to get to share some art-related thoughts on Bethany's and Emma's blogs), but as you may notice, a lot of stuff was going on in the background in my absence!

Typically we ended up finishing up all the blog changes this week, in the midst of preparing for my art show and starting up a new commission piece. Yeah. Thank you so much S for your incredible patience and coding skills!

So, two quick notes before I disappear again for a few days:

  1. My posting may be a bit spotty until next week, when we get back from our first solo camping trip ever (wish us luck!).

  2. Please let me know in the comments if you notice anything janky on the blog. It's definitely still a work in progress (for example, we're still working on labels), but I'd love to know if something appears broken. Thanks so much!

Have a great week everyone!

xo Diana

P.S. I still have a few tickets left for the art show, so if you're interested and in the area, shoot me an email -- Hope to see you there!

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