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It's been quite a while since I posted! I ended up taking a bit more time off the blog than expected, between preparing for my art show and going on a camping trip.

I'll have more on the art show (and some new paintings I've created!) later, but for now, some images from our trip this past weekend to Utah.

bryce image 1

Bryce Canyon National Park's alien red sandstone landscape.

bryce image 5

bryce image 2

There's something about the desert I just love. . . especially its unexpected pops of color!

bryce image 6

Bryce Canyon was full of amazing, sculptural petrified wood. Definitely gave me some ideas for paintings!

zion image 1

S gets full credit for the above image of Zion Canyon National Park, both for actually taking the photo, and for being willing to climb up to Angel's Landing. Nope, not happening.

zion image 2

The sheer cliff face, next to where I perched while S made his brave ascent.

We spent most of our day there doing the Angel's Landing hike, which I highly recommend, even if, like me, you're not willing to cling to a chain and climb out on a ledge to get to the top!

bryce image 3

Happy camper! (Aka, a photo on our first day, before we got too grimy. . .)

We both absolutely adored Utah -- and not just its national parks! I'm definitely hoping to make another trip there in the future.

What are your favorite national parks? I'm toying around with the idea of trying to visit all of them one day, and would love to hear your recommendations for what should make the top of our list!

xo Diana

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