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black and white gallery wall

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Recently, S, who is usually completely happy to ignore interior design, commented on a couple of paintings I'd hung on our wall.

He very gently asked if I was sure that the arrangement in which I'd put them was really ideal.

Which was how I realized I had no idea how to properly hang my paintings.

I mean, I could attach a painting to a wall, but I didn't know how to hang them in an aesthetically pleasing way. Strange for someone who spends all her time looking at and making art, huh?

There is a lot of advice out there on hanging gallery walls -- and even some templates for hanging patterns -- but below are some of the tips I found as I obsessively combed through Pinterest and tried out an embarrassing number of hanging patterns (sorry landlady!):

A Beautiful Mess gallery wall


> > Choose art that has some common element -- a similar color, style, or theme.

I love how the image above features mostly very graphic black and white art, which allows your eye to be drawn to each piece in turn, rather than sticking on the brightest painting!

Neon gallery wall


> > Use similar framing styles to unify the gallery.

Some art works well with minimalist frames, other art looks great with thrifted vintage frames. And personally I love painting the edges of my canvases so I don't have to frame my pieces.

Doorway gallery wall

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> > Align, align align!

A common theme among literally all the gallery walls I liked was their use of alignment. Some used a strict grid system and others simply lined up the edges of the pieces in all different directions. This turned out to be key for having a gallery wall that didn't look like a sloppy mess.

(I realized later that this was what S had been trying to point out to me. Sometimes you just need to hear it from the internet.)

Gridded gallery wall 1


Gridded gallery wall 2


Gridded gallery wall 3


> > Test out the arrangement first.

This is for the patient ones among us (read: not me) but this post from A Beautiful Mess has some nice ideas for trying out a gallery wall without putting a ton of holes in the wall.

Do any of you have gallery walls in your homes or offices? Any tips for how to hang a great one? This is definitely still a work in progress for me, although I'll be sharing the gallery wall I hung using these ideas later in the week!

Have a great week everyone!

xo Diana

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