Sketchbook // 02

Sketchbook drawing - succulents

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About, oh, six months ago I decided to start sharing pages out of my sketchbook. You can see the one and only time I did that here.

I decided it was time to revive that post series as a way of sharing some of my sketches from my ongoing practice project workbook.

(Apologies for anyone who follows me on Instagram, these might look a bit familiar.)

Sketchbook drawing - garden

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Sketchbook drawing - bag

Reference image source

Sketchbook drawing - woman 2

Reference image source - they seem to have changed their catalogue image slightly, so you can find this particular one here.

Sketchbook drawing - victorian

Reference image source

I'm excited to do a bunch more of these this week! You can follow me on Instagram, if you want to check them out as I do them. :)

xo Diana

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