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What a week! Between the adrenaline letdown after my craft fair and an annoying head cold (I guess it's fall now?) I've had the feeling of swimming upstream.

So I really wanted to share with you all a beautiful bit of writing that has kind of turned my head upside down, in the best possible way, about the decisions we make daily.

Abbigail is a writer, and she says it better than I could, so I'll let her speak for herself -- just an excerpt of her lovely post -- beginning with a quotation from the movie The Answer Man:

Kris: Why can't I do the things I want to do? There's so much I know I'm capable of that I never actually do. Why is that?

Arlen: The trick is to realize that you're always doing what you want to do. . . always. Nobody's making you do anything. Once you get that, you see that you're free and that life is really just a series of choices. Nothing happens to you. You choose.

Now, I know that I want to eat cookies and not broccoli. I want to sit and read and not go to the gym. I want to feel sorry for myself that this is all happening.

We all have our moments when we are allowed to to do the "wrong" thing: to take a break, to eat pizza instead of chicken.

But when I add all those actions up -- all those little wants -- they don't equal my actual goals, the BIG wants: to write a book, to eat healthy, to exercise more.

So I need to change the little wants. I need to make my everyday actions reflect what I actually want to do in life, not what I think I want to do in the moment.

I found this idea incredibly empowering, and the rest of the post definitely worth reading.

Have you read anything lately that changed the way you looked at your habits or daily choice?

Have a wonderful weekend!

xo Diana

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