WEEKLY WISHES 01 // getting in gear

paintings, Diana Willard

Whew! That was a bit of an unexpected hiatus there, huh? Having a craft fair booth turned out to be much more exhausting than I thought (but also more fun!), and after spending yesterday lying down recovering, I realized I needed a bit of a kick in the pants to get started with my week.

I ran across Melyssa's lovely blog, The Nectar Collective, maybe a month or so ago, and have been loving how goal-oriented it is. This week, I decided to participate in her Weekly Wishes feature, which allows bloggers to share their goals for the week (and their progress on previous goals).

Without further ado, my wishes for this week!

  1. Create a plan for my San Francisco Open Studios event, and start working on it!

  2. Get back to spending lots of time making art -- at least 20 hours this week.

  3. Keep on exercising, 30 minutes a day minimum.

  4. Practice Hindi daily. We're headed to India in October to visit S's family, and I'm determined to be able to chat it up with taxi drivers by the time I get there.

What are your big goals for the week? And what ways have you found to stay on track with them?

xo Diana

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