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To be honest, I'd completely forgotten about this post until I saw Melyssa's new Weekly Wishes link-up. And I definitely hesitated -- was this really something I had time for today? Was this helpful?

But since I couldn't even remember what my wishes last week were, I thought it was at least worth checking back on them. . . and boy am I glad I did! It wasn't the most uplifting moment to see what I'd accomplished last week, but it was an important one.


1. Create a plan for my San Francisco Open Studios event, and start working on it!

Um sort of. I contacted a bunch of other artists in the area who I hope to collaborate with on promoting our studios -- we aren't just in a quiet, residential neighborhood of San Francisco, we're in a quiet, residential neighborhood on top of a hill. To say we don't get much foot traffic is putting it mildly.

So now I've roped some other people in, but other than that, I haven't done any planning. Oops!

2. Get back to spending lots of time making art -- at least 20 hours this week.

This week, I spent just 13 hours making art. You might remember that I began tracking my hours spent on improving my art skills about two months ago, and this is why: for the harsh and unavoidable truth.

Must step up my game on this one, especially since my long-term goal is 30 hours a week.

3. Keep on exercising, 30 minutes a day minimum.

Eh, sort of. I did exercise daily, but I was down to more like 20 minutes each day. Can I just blame it on the head cold?

4. Practice Hindi daily.

I think I practiced half of the days, and most was reviewing old vocabulary, instead of teaching myself new words. And we only have three weeks left before we leave for India!

Overall, I didn't do that great on my wishes, but I have high hopes for this coming week. These goals might look a little familiar, since I clearly haven't quite succeeded at these yet. . .


  1. Organize my fellow Open Studios artists, make a plan with them, and order new business cards.

  2. Make art for at least 20 hours this week! It'll be a challenge, since I have a short week with my parents flying in Thursday night, but I desperately need to finish up some pieces for upcoming shows!

  3. Exercise for 30 minutes each day.

  4. Practice Hindi daily and get through at least 6 new levels on Memrise.

What are your big goals for the week? And what ways have you found to stay on track with them?

xo Diana

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