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Paint palette, Diana Willard

As I'm going through this whole becoming-an-artist thing, I am constantly getting bogged down by not knowing how to do things.

If you will allow me, a brief list:

  • How to hang paintings
  • How to create an inventory
  • How to use a digital camera to photograph art so it doesn't look entirely gray
  • How to market my art
  • How to set up a commission
  • How to not spend an entire day on Pinterest "researching"

You get the idea. So I decided to start keeping a running list of good resources I've found -- mostly for my reference, but hopefully some will be helpful for other people!

I'll be updating this as I go along -- if you have an great resources, I'd love to see them and add them to the list!


  • How to prep a canvas >>

  • How to set out an acrylic palette >>

  • How to use acrylic gels and mediums >>

  • Golden Acrylic's color mixer tool >>

  • How to deal with green (actually one of my larger problems) >>

  • 7 steps to creating a huge landscape painting >>

  • How to use watercolors - via Yao Cheng >>

  • What supplies to get for oil painting - via Emily Jeffords >>

  • How (and why) to apply an isolation coat to acrylic paintings >>

  • How (and why) to varnish an acrylic painting >>

  • How to clean an acrylic paintbrush >>


  • Basics of print-on-demand companies + a list >>


  • Craftsy's guide to drawing the human face >>


  • Photography 101, blog series by Latrina from Of Trees + Hues >>

  • How to photograph art (video) >>


  • How to write an artists' statement >>


  • How to wire a canvas >>

  • How to sign your art >>

  • How to prep for a studio visit >>

  • How to hang a gallery show >>

  • How to package a painting for shipping >>


  • How to price your art >>

  • How to set up commissions for success >>

  • How to get your first gallery show (still working on this one!) >>

  • How to find the right gallery for your art >>


  • "The Art of Chasing a Dream," from Alisa Burke >>

  • "How to Dramatically Improve Your Art," from Doug Hoppes >>

xo Diana

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