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One of my favorite parts of having a blog is all the lovely people you meet through it.

I've admired the beautiful design work of Jess of Creative Index for some time now, so I was beyond delighted that she wanted to interview me about my art + art process. Yay yay yay!

You can take a peek at the interview here. In it, I discuss important matters such as:

  • The best kind of paint for impatient people

  • Why I'm kind of glad I broke our mirror, and what I put in its place

  • All the ways in which chocolate fulfills me

  • And so much more mildly embarrassing goodness

Plus, hop on over there to find out how you can win one of my framed postcard paintings! (Hint: it has something to do with the photo above!)

Have a great rest of your week, friends. Hang in there -- it's almost Friday!

xo Diana

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