Hi everyone! How was your Halloween? I ended up not having a costume, not going out, and having a pretty great time just hanging out at home with my husband. (Plus hyperventilating about my upcoming open studios. Some low-grade panic always makes for a cozy night in, right?)

This weekly wishes post is a bit different than my previous ones: today I'm sharing some of my big goals for November.


  1. Prepare for my open studio event! DONE! I'm really happy about how this went -- and so thankful to the friends and strangers and new friends who came and made this a success. I'm now collapsed on my couch, possibly to not move all day. (All week?) Feels pretty good.

  2. Make time for self-care daily. Ha! I'm going to call myself out on this one. Between not exercising and having Halloween candy on hand all week, I think it's safe to say that this one did not happen at all. Sigh.


  1. Make a plan for the holiday season for my art business and begin executing on it! Last year I cleverly scheduled our main vacations during the holiday rush, which was. . . not ideal. This year I'm determined to give the holiday season my full attention and energy!

  2. Send out my first studio newsletter. For real this time! A bunch of lovely people signed up this weekend and I really want to stay in touch with them. You can sign up here for some prettiness!

  3. Build my healthy habits back up. The holidays are coming up (already???) and I need to stop making excuses about my health. There is always something happening, and that can't keep being a reason to keep making unhealthy choices.

  4. Make a fun plan for Thanksgiving weekend! We looked into flying out to my parents' house and tickets for that week are more than a thousand dollars each! Thank you, Iowa. So, we're looking into some alternatives -- maybe a roadtrip? Any suggestions?

  5. Take some time to slow down and introspect. I feel like I've been running around from one to-do list to another, without really thinking about why and is this what I really want? Now that open studios is coming to a close, I feel like I'm in a space where I can give this some good, solid thought.

What are your big goals for this month?

xo Diana

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