The Postcard Project // first looks at my new painting collection

the postcard project, diana willard

Can I tell you all a secret?

(I'm going to assume yes here.)

I started tearing up when I wrote about each of the paintings in this new series of mine.

the postcard project, diana willard

I don't usually do this when it comes to my art, but as I set out to write the little secret message that will go out with each of my painted postcards, I became choked up.

I was staring at each card, thinking about the setting I'd painted and the month I'd named it after.

And thinking about what that place and that month means for me.

the postcard project, diana willard

Some months were naturally bright and cheery. My birthday month. Major holidays. The start of summer. (I love summer.)

But some months were more bittersweet for me. Major moves or changes in my life. Losing friends or passing through a dark period in my life. Coming out the other side bruised, but stronger.

the postcard project, diana willard

I was originally going to tell you how amazingly excited I am to finally get to share these little paintings with you all (I am!), and how awesome they are, and how I hope you love them too.

But I realized that, at least for me, the power in them is in their quiet reflection. They are a tiny window onto a scene. A place for each of us to take a moment and think back to another time or place that was (or maybe still is) significant, that shaped us into who we are today.

the postcard project, diana willard

So while I do hope you love these postcards, I hope more that you can take a quiet moment out of your day to take a look at them and think about some of the places and memories that are most powerful for you.

the postcard project, diana willard

You can find the full collection here.

Have a lovely week everyone!

xo Diana

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