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I've mentioned a couple of times on Instagram that I'm working on a new painting series. Top secret. Coming soon. (Er. . . see a sneek peek here, since I obviously cannot keep these things to myself!)

So instead of revealing even more of the project before the big reveal (control yourself, Diana!), I decided to share a bit about the backstory and process.

A lot of this year has been about experimenting with my art. What works for me? What resonates with other people? What do I want or need my art to be about?

At my open studio a couple of weeks ago, several things clicked for me:

  • I want my art to be more accessible.

The more people who can fall in love with a piece and give it a place in their house, the happier I am. For some people, original art may be too expensive, or too big, or too intimidating to consider purchasing. I want to change that.

  • I want my art to be about more than "this is pretty!"

(Although I want that too!)

  • There is something really enjoyable about holding a beautiful little item in your hands.

And so I set out to change things up.

To make something small, and beautiful, and meaningful.

Something I would enjoy sharing, discussing, and giving to my loved ones.

I searched out different places and stories and memories that were meaningful to me. And I collected some of my favorites into a lovely, pocket-sized series.

My little mementos.

I'm so excited to get to share them with you soon. I hope they brighten your day (or even your home!) and make you remember your own little mementos.

Enjoy your weekend, friends!

xo Diana

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