WEEKLY WISHES 08 // time to launch!

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Is it really Monday already??

This weekend two of my college roommates were in town, so the three of us and our fourth roommate who lives in the area all met up for a mini-reunion. It was a bit crazy, since we had only one hour together before one of them had to rush off to the airport, but it was so great to get to see each other!

Aside from that, it was a working weekend for both S and me. In case you missed my last post, I shared that my newest painting series is coming out this week! You can take a look at the paintings here, but I'll be writing more about them and what they mean to me tomorrow. (Spoiler: it gets a little emotional!)

On to the weekly wishes!


  1. Prepare my new painting series for its launch! YES! I have a couple of last-minute things to put together, but we are set to go for tomorrow.

  2. Thirty minutes exercise every day. Sigh. . . let's roll this one over to this week.

  3. Set aside one hour a day to work on my Python course. I was really excited about this one, but ended up not doing it as I got caught up in my new painting series (actually a good sign). I'm putting this one on hold, but do want to get back to it soon.


  1. Launch my new paintings! The paintings are ready, their website is ready, but am I? Gulp! This is my first time really launching anything, so I'd love any tips you all might have!

  2. Thirty minutes exercise every day. Come on, Diana!

And that's it. Should be easy enough, right? :) Right.

Best of luck with all your goals this week!

xo Diana

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