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I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

S and I had a bit of an unorthodox holiday: since we live far from our family, we took the long weekend to do a road trip up to Redwood National Park. It was an amazing drive (there is so much of NorCal north of San Francisco! And it is so beautiful!), so I'm really glad we took the time to do it.

But now it's time to get back to work, beginning with some weekly wishes, as hosted by Melyssa of the Nectar Collective!


  1. Keep sharing my postcard paintings + get back into the studio. Done! I kept sharing and writing about my Postcard Project, but I also got really into something I'm calling my "paper experiments (above). It's always fun and interesting to try something new, and I'm excited to see this series evolve.

  2. Thirty minutes exercise every day. Erm, I only went running once this week, but we did get some nice hiking in on Thursday and Friday, despite lots of travel. Let's call this one not bad for a holiday week!

  3. Enjoy a quick road trip. Done! We drove up to the Redwoods on Thursday and headed back on Friday. Despite some rain, it was really nice -- I just love the unbelievable scale of redwoods and the beautiful forests.


  1. Continue exploring my new painting series.

  2. Thirty minutes exercise every day. Every day!

  3. Work on my Python course. I'm closing in on the last third of Learn Python the Hard Way, and tentatively hoping to finish it up this week. It's supposed to be a good foundation, so I'd love to be able to explore some interesting projects once I have it under my belt.

What are your plans for the week? Best of luck getting your wish list done and your to-do's checked off!

xo Diana

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