WEEKLY WISHES 12 // tis the season

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I can't believe we're only ten days away from Christmas! We decided a bit last minute to spend Christmas and New Year's in Iowa with my parents, and I hope to wrap up some projects before then!

This week'sweekly wishes, are pretty similar to last week's, as I'm still working through several projects.


  1. Spend my mornings making art. Yes and no. Early in the week I was able to do this, but later in the week some more business-related tasks find of took over. Not exactly what I planned, but definitely needed.

  2. Thirty minutes exercise every day. Ok, the tally is jogging three times and 20 minutes yoga four times. Getting closer!

  3. Work on my Python course and attend two coding events. I spent a lot of time on Python this week, and even though my progress was pretty slow (read: incredibly slow!), I feel good about it. Due to the weather, I only went to one of the two coding events, but it was great to meet other women who are also interested in learning to code and in possible career changes. I'd definitely like to go to more of these!

  4. Work on a save-the-date design for a friend. We're making good progress! We've hammered out a plan and a mood board (I'll be sharing it later in the week) and now I get to do lots and lots of botanical illustrations -- take a look at the first one!

  5. Take some time for introspection and planning. I made some good progress on my Well Designed Life packet from Whitney English. As part of it, I took the StrengthsFinder test from Gallup, which was fairly interesting. Have any of you taken the test? What do you think of it?

planner, diana willard


  1. Finish up my holiday paintings. I have a couple of commissioned paintings to finish up and some others to package up and send. The holiday rush is almost over!

  2. Thirty minutes exercise every day. This week I'm feeling pretty motivated -- we went on a longer run on Saturday (four miles), and it was pretty painful. I'm hoping that by running two miles everyday, I'll be better prepared for next weekend!

  3. Try to finish up my Python course. Only six more chapters to go. . . aiming for one a day!

  4. Work on a save-the-date design for a friend. I'm excited to try out more botanical illustrations and play around with some fonts!

  5. Keep working on my Well-Designed Life worksheets. I really like having a more structured way of thinking about how I want to choose and organize my goals. Let's keep working towards clarity!

What are your plans for the week? Best of luck getting your wish list done and your to-do's checked off!

xo Diana

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