Happy Thanksgiving, from Van Gogh + Co

mondrianh, hannah rothstein

Piet Mondrian

van gogh, hannah rothstein

Vincent van Gogh

magritte, hannah rothstein

Rene Magritte

warhol, hannah rothstein

Andy Warhol

picasso, hannah rothstein

Pablo Picasso

seurat, hannah rothstein

Georges Seurat

rothko, hannah rothstein

Mark Rothko

I had another post planned for today, but as soon as I say these wonderful and hilarious photographs on Colossal, I knew I had to share them.

Painter and illustrator Hannah Rothstein created this series, entitled "Thanksgiving Special: How Famous Artists Would Plate Thanksgiving Meals," a sort of tongue-in-cheek homage to a number of artists' distinctive styles.

She has limited edition prints of these (and a couple more) on her site, and 10% of the profits will be donated to the SF-Marin Food Bank.

For those of you in the US, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and for those of you elsewhere, have a lovely weekend!

xo Diana

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WEEKLY WISHES 09 // happy thanksgiving!

studio table

Well, this weekend certainly flew by! On Friday, we went to a party to celebrate a friend passing the California Bar (come back to the Bay Area, Jessa!), and spent the rest of the weekend sort of catching up from the week.

The highlight was definitely going for a jog around a nearby lake and going out for a diner brunch -- for those of you in San Francisco, you just may want to check out the New Taraval Cafe. It had excellent basic breakfasts, no waits, and is super cheap -- hello $5 eggs and pancakes!

On to the weekly wishes for this short week!


  1. Launch my new paintings! Yes! You can see my blog post about the paintings, read an interview about my process, or follow along with some more behind-the-scenes stuff on Instagram. I've got some more exciting blog posts planned as well!

  2. Thirty minutes exercise every day. I managed to exercise four days last week, including the weekend. Not bad, but definitely with some room for improvement.


  1. Continue to share my painting series, but also get back into the studio! I have some more blog posts and other exciting things planned for my Postcard Project, but I've also been missing just hanging out in the studio and experimenting with brush and paper.

  2. Thirty minutes exercise every day. Always.

  3. Enjoy a quick road trip! S and I decided to drive up north to Redwoods National Park for Thanksgiving, which I've been wanting to go to since we moved to Northern California. I sometimes have a hard time "turning off" for vacations, so I want to be conscious about that and really enjoy our time together.

What are your plans for the Thanksgiving holiday? I hope whatever they are, they are full of good food and great laughs!

xo Diana

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DW discusses // interview on creative index + a giveaway!

the postcard project, diana willard

One of my favorite parts of having a blog is all the lovely people you meet through it.

I've admired the beautiful design work of Jess of Creative Index for some time now, so I was beyond delighted that she wanted to interview me about my art + art process. Yay yay yay!

You can take a peek at the interview here. In it, I discuss important matters such as:

  • The best kind of paint for impatient people

  • Why I'm kind of glad I broke our mirror, and what I put in its place

  • All the ways in which chocolate fulfills me

  • And so much more mildly embarrassing goodness

Plus, hop on over there to find out how you can win one of my framed postcard paintings! (Hint: it has something to do with the photo above!)

Have a great rest of your week, friends. Hang in there -- it's almost Friday!

xo Diana

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The Postcard Project // first looks at my new painting collection

the postcard project, diana willard

Can I tell you all a secret?

(I'm going to assume yes here.)

I started tearing up when I wrote about each of the paintings in this new series of mine.

the postcard project, diana willard

I don't usually do this when it comes to my art, but as I set out to write the little secret message that will go out with each of my painted postcards, I became choked up.

I was staring at each card, thinking about the setting I'd painted and the month I'd named it after.

And thinking about what that place and that month means for me.

the postcard project, diana willard

Some months were naturally bright and cheery. My birthday month. Major holidays. The start of summer. (I love summer.)

But some months were more bittersweet for me. Major moves or changes in my life. Losing friends or passing through a dark period in my life. Coming out the other side bruised, but stronger.

the postcard project, diana willard

I was originally going to tell you how amazingly excited I am to finally get to share these little paintings with you all (I am!), and how awesome they are, and how I hope you love them too.

But I realized that, at least for me, the power in them is in their quiet reflection. They are a tiny window onto a scene. A place for each of us to take a moment and think back to another time or place that was (or maybe still is) significant, that shaped us into who we are today.

the postcard project, diana willard

So while I do hope you love these postcards, I hope more that you can take a quiet moment out of your day to take a look at them and think about some of the places and memories that are most powerful for you.

the postcard project, diana willard

You can find the full collection here.

Have a lovely week everyone!

xo Diana

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WEEKLY WISHES 08 // time to launch!

day designer

Is it really Monday already??

This weekend two of my college roommates were in town, so the three of us and our fourth roommate who lives in the area all met up for a mini-reunion. It was a bit crazy, since we had only one hour together before one of them had to rush off to the airport, but it was so great to get to see each other!

Aside from that, it was a working weekend for both S and me. In case you missed my last post, I shared that my newest painting series is coming out this week! You can take a look at the paintings here, but I'll be writing more about them and what they mean to me tomorrow. (Spoiler: it gets a little emotional!)

On to the weekly wishes!


  1. Prepare my new painting series for its launch! YES! I have a couple of last-minute things to put together, but we are set to go for tomorrow.

  2. Thirty minutes exercise every day. Sigh. . . let's roll this one over to this week.

  3. Set aside one hour a day to work on my Python course. I was really excited about this one, but ended up not doing it as I got caught up in my new painting series (actually a good sign). I'm putting this one on hold, but do want to get back to it soon.


  1. Launch my new paintings! The paintings are ready, their website is ready, but am I? Gulp! This is my first time really launching anything, so I'd love any tips you all might have!

  2. Thirty minutes exercise every day. Come on, Diana!

And that's it. Should be easy enough, right? :) Right.

Best of luck with all your goals this week!

xo Diana

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